20 sculptures that defy gravity

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Human imagination is limitless, and it is what drives artists around the world to create unbelievable sculptures. Some of these creations defy logic and the laws of physics. They float in the air, hang upside down, or keep their balance thanks to some mysterious contraptions. You can only imagine what kind of effort and talent and what sharpness of senses is behind every such work of art.

A wind-balancing acrobat, UAE



A floating ball of steel, Australia



Gravity defied, USA



A female gymnast, USA



A Porsche exhibition, UK



The final move, France




A floating elephant, France



Geometry well-suspended, USA




The king and queen, UAE



A boy with a dolphin, UK



A football player, New Zealand



Stairway to heaven, Australia



A flying stone, Egypt



An upside down car, UK



A giant tap, Switzerland




Jaguar car exhibition, UK



Levitating sleeping baby, Singapore



Gulliver’s handkerchief, New Zealand



A coffee table on a hula hoop, Italy



Sand sculptures, Puerto Rico



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